>> About ROCK22 in about 22 seconds:

R22_faviconaboutMusic blog (and eventual podcast/radio show) containing commentary, (re)views, news, and interviews, along with pro photography about music, and its affect on culture and communications.

The niche focus is on the greatest rock artists and music created within a ~22 year period… spanning from approximately the 1970’s to the early 1990’s… hence the tag line “from The Crunge to Grunge…” to identify this great era in music history.

Created, authored, and curated by Tommy Leu, a music and media veteran, R22 bridges the gap between music reporting, cultural commentary, and personal development. It’s rock n’ roll and it’s motivational.

>> About Tommy Leu in about 22 seconds:


Tommy Leu

Rock journalist, photographer, professional keynote speaker and seminar leader at TOMLEU.com, and a member of the National Speakers Association. Certified Body Language Trainer and Certified Professional Coach (2001-present)

Former Academic Dean and college psychology & communications instructor (2004-2016)

Photojournalist for ROCK22.net & 16IMAGING.com, and a regular contributor to AntiHero MagazineRockRevolt Magazine, & Rock Insider Magazine

Media personality – On-air DJ at Q98.5 radio, talk radio co-host on WROK, and former television host of “Ground Level” TV (2002-2007)

Musician from Rockford, IL (1985-present)

A bit more backstory for those interested…

Tommy Leu talks shiFt™ delivering choice words about the psychology of communication as it pertains to music, business, and beyond. Through his images, interviews, and writings, Tommy is driven to capturing the essence, and uncovering the layers of movers and shakers in the music business and beyond. Tommy’s work is about empowering the 5% discover and recover better communication skills, first with themselves; second with others; one interaction at a time. It’s about Communications > Recovery AND Recovery > Communications using principles of Communichology™.

talking shiFt™ is talking about changing things for the better, to shift the conversation, to shift our perspective to “see” the world differently. Because if we don’t seek different vantage points to view the world through different lenses, we’ll never be able to recognize the opportunities we all have, every day to make a positive difference. Opportunities to shift our thinking, to ultimately shift our behaviors, in the moment, for better outcomes. Why wouldn’t you…?

Tommy purposely lives life at the intersections where communications and psychology, and music and motivation meet. His work is targeted to those who are interested in topics pertaining to personal achievement, communications, psychology, and rock n’ roll-related subject matter. This is about life and about a lifestyle of your choosing. The intent is to encourage people to be the best at what they do the best… in the real-world. This is for those who appreciate being inspired and challenged with compelling, provocative, and relevant content that rocks. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s a choice. Blending cutting edge & timeless principles of personal development drawn from the music industry, marketing philosophies, and motivational resources, audiences come away informed, entertained, and inspired to take initiative.

Contact us at tomleu@att.net