Album Spotlight: Bon Jovi-The Circle

Tommy Leu | 15 August 2015 | Album Spotlights | 0 Comments   

bon-jovi-the-circle1Album Spotlight:

The Circle (2010) by Bon Jovi

This isn’t necessarily a review of Bon Jovi’s latest album, The Circle. I don’t album “reviews” as much as I do album spotlights

So this isn’t yet another opinion about the quality and subjective worth of some musical creation.

Searching “reviews of Bon Jovi’s The Circle” yields far too many results to consider adding another. But a cursory examination of a few of these reviews yields this very unscientific finding:

About every other person is into the new Bon Jovi record. The other half, it seems, can’t get past the past.

Can’t get past the past?

In a nutshell: This is when a person, in the present, cannot or will not give something current a chance because yesterday’s ghost still looms large.

Admit it. You’ve been there; done that. Maybe you’re still doing it…

Something good or something bad from the past has the staying power to eclipse something in the present.

I have been guilty of this. I was guilty of this prior to really listening to the new Bon Jovi album. I assumed this new collection of songs would be less than… anything… else… they’d… done… before… because of what they’d done before.

The psychological term for this is called “confirmation bias.”  This is the tendency of people to filter new information so that it conforms to, and confirms, what they already believe… to make us “right” in our own minds. This is a very powerful and persuasive cognitive error that everyone makes at times.

So as a result of this mindset, I wasn’t even going to check out the new record. Not until I decided I wanted the When We Were Beautiful documentary DVD (because I’m a “what’s-it-like-behind-the-scenes” junkie), did I break down and buy the CD/DVD combo that was priced too perfectly to pass up (

The new Bon Jovi music on the CD was an afterthought to me at that point. After all, it was Bon Jovi: the legendary 80’s hair band alumni who’ve long since surpassed all of their cohorts in that category; with 120 million records sold; keepers of all things cool, yet cliche. Surely this new record would disappoint. Right?

Then I listened to it…

So do I dig it? Is it good? Was I surprised?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Will you like it?

Hard telling. 50-50 chance according to my “research” (see above).

So go find out for yourself.

Who cares what I, or anyone else thinks.

Sample the music; buy it if you like it; just give it a shot.

Whether you like it or not isn’t the point.

The point is whether you give something new a chance despite the past… (its or yours).

And that my friends, is much more significant than any new Bon Jovi album.

“There’ll come a day when you have to say hello to goodbye” – Bon Jovi

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