Behind the Shot: Erik Turner of Warrant

Tommy Leu | 12 February 2016 | Behind the Shots | 0 Comments   

Behind the Shot: Erik Turner of Warrant… July 2012>>

One of my first “national” acts to shoot, and I was admittedly pretty intimidated in the beginning. I took the requisite shots during the first few songs, but then realized I wasn’t getting booted after the first three. I took advantage of the additional time. I started looking at the band differently. I wondered how I might capture something that would stand out. Something that would give the viewer a different perspective; something unique. I noticed the mirror shades, and knew there was an interesting image there, though I couldn’t fully see it from down in the pit where I was shooting. Using my 70-200mm lens, I cranked it all the way and grabbed this shot mid-guitar solo. What I enjoy most about his image is being able to see the world through the eyes of the player, if only for a moment…


Eric Turner: Photo by Tom Leu

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