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Album Spotlight: Michael Sweet-One Sided War

Album Spotlight: One Sided War (2016) by Michael Sweet Honestly (pun intended), album “reviews” that go on and on gushing how great it is drives me nuts. If you’ve read any of my other “reviews,” you know I tell it like it... Read More »
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Album Spotlight: Scorpion Child-Acid Roulette

Album Spotlight: Acid Roulette (2016) by Scorpion Child Full disclosure: I’ve been a fan of Scorpion Child since the release of their self-titled debut album in 2013. That album gave some hope to those of us who dig heavy, yet melodic... Read More »
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Album Spotlight: Bon Jovi-The Circle

Album Spotlight: The Circle (2010) by Bon Jovi This isn’t necessarily a review of Bon Jovi’s latest album, The Circle. I don’t album “reviews” as much as I do album spotlights… So this isn’t yet another opinion about the quality and subjective worth of... Read More »
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