R22-6: Say What You Will

You’ve heard the maxim: “It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.” Crap I say… that statement is missing the mark significantly because it’s only half right. It’s not only what, but how AND when (or if) you say what you say... Read More »
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R22-5: Just Got Lucky

Everyone’s heard the aphorism: Be careful what you wish for… you just might get it. Some call it “getting lucky.” Others call it hard work. Sometimes it’s a little of both as indicated by the equation: Luck = Preparation +... Read More »
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R22-4: Good Vibrations

Do you even care? Do you care how you’re “coming off” to others? If the answer is No, then stop reading now and click the hell off this site, stat. There’s nothing for you here. If Yes, then you’re... Read More »
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R22-3: Everybody Wants Some

C’mon, be honest. You’ve been there… Air-guitaring in the mirror, singing in the shower, steering wheel drumming and driving… It’s a universal passion. Everybody wants some, because everybody wants to be a rock star. But while not everyone is destined to be onstage, everyone... Read More »
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R22-2: Nothing Else Matters

Keep your blood clean, your body lean, and your mind sharp.” ~ Henry Rollins To be competitive personally and professionally, you can’t have your head in the clouds, figuratively or literally. You and I must be clear-minded, consistent, and... Read More »
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R22-1: Slave to the Grind

In addition to writing commentary on music news, concert, album, and book reviews, and featuring interviews, many of ROCK22’s featured segments deliver content that I get hired to speak on at businesses, conferences and institutions, and at my own events, both live... Read More »
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