Musician’s Corner: #1 Music Promotion Secret

Tommy Leu | 08 February 2016 | Musician's Corner® | 2 Comments   

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Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone… it’s kinda racy; it’s kinda scandalous; especially these days…

So, what’s the #1 music promotion secret?

THE single best way to get out there farther and faster? The one (arguably) non-negotiable element for success in music?

>> Write great songs. Not much of secret is it? “Everyone knows this” right?

So why then do so few actually achieve this writing-great-songs-secret-to-music-success? Click HERE to for more on this. But in the meantime…

Who defines “great”?

If you’re interested in marketing and selling your songs… OTHER PEOPLE do.

NOT songs that YOU think are great, but songs that OTHERS think are great. That’s right… others who are going to buy your music or your concert tickets or T-shirt…

Objective others who have no vested interest in the “success” of your music.

Aerosmith says “Let the Music Do the Talking”… that’s the secret.

It doesn’t have to commence to being any more complex than that. If the music is great, it will promote itself. Anything else you do (and should do of course) is icing on the cake.

So before you get off on to every other “music business-related” tangent, start with crafting great songs first.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? Hell no.

Now you know.

Stay tuned-in…



  1. Dan-O's Free Music Downloads Blog on 08 December 08, 12:16pm

    Cool site Tom, but wouldn’t you say that the secret behind the secret is content and building a list? Seems to be what you figured out here ; )

    Dan-O’s Weekly Free MP3 Downloads

  2. Tom Leu on 09 December 08, 9:56pm

    “wouldn’t you say that the secret behind the secret is content and building a list?”

    Agreed. That IS the secret… “content” which results from great songwriting. The list, I believe, is best and most easily built with this great content. So which comes first the content or the list? Without the former, the latter won’t exist… at least not long-term.

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