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Tommy Leu | 11 May 2016 | Musician's Corner® | 0 Comments   

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crock starWhat often seems common in knowledge is uncommon in practice. Nowhere is this more evident than in what I call the “crock star” music business. I define “crock stars” as up-and-coming musicians who are basically full-of-it (i.e. shit), and full of themselves. The majority of what they tell you is a “crock.” They embellish, blow up, exaggerate, over-state, or outright lie about their actual progress as musicians. They can’t be told anything because (they believe) they already know everything. The truth is, they probably know quite a bit about music, but far less about the “business.”

Don’t skip over the subtleties that produce real and lasting success as “common sense” – they’re not that common. Common sense principles are ideas, thoughts, and concepts that are known AND acted upon. Many people, not only musicians, “know” many things, but don’t “do” these same things in their daily lives. There’s little evidence of their claimed knowledge in their actions.

At times, I’ve had to defend the stuff that I write in my books and articles as common sense. Bullshit, I say… If this stuff was so fucking common, more of the artists and groups that I encounter would be more successful than they are.

Knowing and applying and doing are very different things.

Most artists want to know what to do, where to go, who to talk to, “so I can get my music out there and get heard.” The problem is that they want a different answer than what’s required for success in music. The honest answer isn’t sexy, it isn’t fast, and it isn’t easy or exciting… that’s why it’s called WORK. And anything worth anything requires good old-fashioned hard work to achieve. This hard work must include the intelligent, consistent, and creative marketing of yourself and your product.

So what’s it gonna be? Are you willing to do what most others are unwilling to do? Are you willing to find out what it really takes to get to the next level? Are you willing to endure the dips, peaks, valleys, ebbs and flows required to break on through? If so, then check out If not, then have the balls to shut the fuck up when you’re getting exactly what you’re earning based on your work ethic, or lack thereof.

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