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Tommy Leu | 16 April 2016 | Musician's Corner® | 0 Comments   

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#2335-card 4The following is an excerpt of my keynote presentation of the same name… this message is designed to be an eye-opener, reminder, and motivator geared for musicians, artists, and bands.

I often get asked about my best advice for up-and-coming musicians and artists. Here’s what I tell them without thinking twice: Understand that this is a BUSINESS first. And to understand how to skillfully communicate effectively within the context of this business will influence your success more than anything else.

When talking about music, we obviously focus a lot on hearing and the specific elements of audio. But, to truly excel in music personally and professionally, equally as important is the ability to “see” clearly as well.

My work centers around the concept of “Seeing Things” which is deliberately about raising awareness, gaining perspective, and improving communication skills for both personal and professional benefit.

And nowhere is great communication more important than in the music business. And again, it IS a business… In my Musician’s Corner® audio book, I talk about the two parts (the music and the business) in great detail. I suggest that to be a “rockstar” literally and figuratively speaking, requires you to execute your craft and business communication skills in a manner that most don’t. This is foundational to what ROCK22 is all about.

1. MUSIC = Connect your emotion and feeling to your audience’s through your tunes. Communicate your music best by honing the crafts of excellent writing, singing, playing, and performing. Don’t delude yourself on how good or not good you think you are. Be objective, and seek objectivity from others you trust.

2. BUSINESS = Coonnect your musical goals and aspirations to those in the industry through your attunement. Communicate your business best by being a student of the industry yesterday and today. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you can worry about all this stuff later, or that you can have someone else manage this area for you. YOU need to manage it first before you can trust anyone else to later. Don’t get caught up in the “I’m an artist not a business manager” mentality. You’re both and always will be if you really want to get anywhere long-term.

Finally, understand that everyone is broadcasting the WIIFM? frequency. You need to answer that question for everyone you encounter, at every opportunity. Demonstrate an understanding of their business, and find ways to fill their needs with what you do, to get your needs met on the backside.

Doing the above ongoing sets you apart and firmly places you into the 5%… THE place to be.

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