R22-3: Everybody Wants Some

Tommy Leu | 01 March 2016 | R22 | 0 Comments   

R22_faviconC’mon, be honest. You’ve been there…

Air-guitaring in the mirror, singing in the shower, steering wheel drumming and driving…

It’s a universal passion. Everybody wants some, because everybody wants to be a rock star.

But while not everyone is destined to be onstage, everyone has the potential to be a “rock star” in the real-world, on their own stage… personally and professionally.


By leaning into the transferable skills that focus on great communication, persuasion, compassion, lifelong learning, responsibility, accountability, embracing change, seeking solutions, emotional intelligence, recovery principles, and social strategy. Tough stuff that’s waaaay easier to discuss than do. But that’s not an excuse not to strive to be better; to raise the bar; to elevate your game.

Shit rarely just falls into our laps. Van Halen slugged it out in backyards and on the L.A. bar scene for years before we were all floored by Eddie’s guitar gymnastics, and transfixed with Roth’s machismo-charisma. They busted their asses and went after what they wanted; all the while knowing they had to goods to back it up.

the shiFt:

You and I gotta go get what we want… the stuff that most everyone wants, but few actually get because they’re unwilling to DO what’s necessary to succeed. But pursuing isn’t enough; you’ve got to perform.

You and I have to produce the quality results that force the gatekeeps to keep the doors open. Walk through the doors; deliver the goods; reap the rewards. Sounds simple, but it’s anything but.

So suck-it-the-fuck-up. Stop the whining, blaming, and complaining. Do the hard work; make the sacrifices; commit. Transcend wanting and begin doing.

“Everybody wants some! I want some too…” ~ Van Halen


Photo by Tom Leu

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