Tom Leu

Tommy Leu, MS, CPC is a professional speaker, author, coach, and photographer from Rockford, IL. Tommy’s Lifestyle Initiative Training™ techniques and strategies teach how compelling communication skills married with provocative psychological insights produce relevant real-world results. **Tommy is available for keynote speaking engagements, seminars and emcee appearances at conferences, corporations, retreats, schools, youth groups, institutions, and entertainment-industry events. 

Speaking Sessions: (customizable for your organization or event):

  1. “TUNING INTO WIIFM?” – 180° Delivery of Compelling Content with Real-World Relevance
  2. “SEEING THINGS” – Literally through Lenses; Figuratively despite Filters. How Perspectives Shape Outcomes
  3. “LEADERSHIP BEGINS WITH “Y” – An Inside-Out Look at How & WHY Servant Leadership Strategically Modifies Interpersonal Behavior, Builds Teams, & Positively Drives Business Outcomes
  4. “HUMAN RELATIONS & THE ‘COMMON SENSE’ DEFENSE” – The Hard Truth About Soft Skills
  5. “PERSONALITY & LISTENING STYLES” – How the Psychology Behind Different Listening Styles Fosters Fewer Communication Differences & Breakdowns
  6. “TALK SHIFT for TEACHERS” – Keys to helping teachers become better communications via principles of Communichology™. This session shifts the conversation by calling out crappy communication, bad behavior, poinsonous classroom communication practices that kill attendance, retention, and learning outcomes. Better communication is not only nice, but more necessary in today’s fast-paced, multi-faceted educational world than ever before… your institution’s health depend on it.
  7. “BODY LANGUAGE TOOLS FOR TEACHERS” – There’s much more to classroom dynamics and effective instruction than just WHAT is said. This facsinating session shares HOW body language, room positioning, and proxemics dramatically affect student attendance, attention, attrition, and learning outcomes.
  8. “THE PITS” – What rock and roll concert photography teaches us about business, communications, and life… and why you need to know!
  9. “SLAVE TO GRIND” – Why ‘9 to 5’ is more of a mind set than a set schedule. How I kicked it to the curb, and so can you!
  10. “THAT SMELL” – Addiction Stinks and applies to many different types of vices, devices, and distractions. Learn how I overcame and rose above, and you can too!

Speaker Bio:

Tommy Leu, M.S. is a Member of the National Speakers Association, a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), and Certified Trainer for the Body Language Institute. Tommy was previously the Academic Dean at Rockford Career College in Rockford, IL, and has also worked as an Account Manager at McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Researching from a social psychological perspective, Tommy created a new discipline of study called Communichology™ in which he presents from the unique vantage point where communication skills and human psychology collide. Tommy has degrees in Psychology and Sociology and has trained with the world’s leading personal development organizations including the Tony Robbins and Steven Covey companies. Tommy is a sought-after speaker on topics pertaining to advanced communications skills, recovery, and emotional and social intelligences. Tom’s professional career includes over two decades of experience as a college administrator & instructor, keynote speaker, corporate trainer & seminar leader, radio & television host, author, & photographer.

*Speaking fees vary based upon length of the presentation, location of event and other factors. Typically, business travel and expenses are additional costs above the speaking fee.**Customizable keynotes and breakout sessions are available for your event’s particular requirements.


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